by Brother Toaster

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Toasted is Brother Toaster's second album.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Brother in Waltham, MA between April and September 2016.

Reilly Somach performs harmonies on "Breadcrumbs" and "Kill 'em All."



released September 30, 2016

Brother Toaster: vocals, guitars, bass, samples, programming, drum stick, tambourine (where applicable). Recording, mixing, mastering engineer.

Reilly Somach: harmony vocals on "Breadcrumbs" and "Kill 'em All"



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Brother Toaster Boston, Massachusetts

Pseudo-psychedelic guitar pop with a heavy dose of self-hatred and historical inaccuracy.

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Track Name: Good Day, Toothache
My tooth compaction keeps me up at night
I just wanna sleep, but they just wanna fight
And I'm pretty sure one of them
Is burrowing its way up into my brain

My teeth are warring factions in the desert of my mouth
And all their thoughtless actions fill me up with doubt
And I'm pretty sure some of them
Are only here to cause me pain

A man, a plan, a canal
A root canal, ouch
Gotta get this rot right out of my mouth
It hurts to change
But it hurts even more
To stay the same
Track Name: Breadcrumbs
Some folks are good at deciding
And others at riding on their coattail success
I'm neither former nor later
But when it really matters
I could make you a mess

Oh, my decision was easy
I thought it would please me
To be on my own
Oh, now I'm thinking it over
And trying to stay sober
But you know how that goes

Oh, it must look pretty dumb
I've gotta follow these breadcrumbs
To make my way home
The things I leave behind me
Always come to find me
When you make mistakes, you're never alone

Oh, now I'm pickin' up breadcrumbs
Just trying to remember
These things that I've done
Oh yeah, I'm pickin' up breadcrumbs
The ones that I dropped
When we were having such fun

Pick 'em up!

Ooooh oooh ooooh-oooh ooh yeah
Track Name: No More Cheese
I've got to change my way of living
And try something else
'Cause when I went to see my doctor
And check up on my health
He didn't have anything good to say
He said my days of eating dairy have got to go away

No cheese or ice cream
Feels like I'm fallin' and
I can't wake up from this dream

Every day's a struggle
I sometimes want to die
Because those non-dairy sustitutes
Make me want to cry
When I get depressed I just go to the bar
And I drink my time away because
Life is just so hard with

No cheese or ice cream
Feels like I'm fallin' and
I can't wake up from this dream
Track Name: Ten Dollar Bill
Wake up in the morning and
I'm feeling like a ten dollar bill
Yeah, I just got paid
The sun is shining and
I think I'm gonna buy me a thrill
Gonna melt my brain

It's hard to hide it when you're feeling so groovy
And why bother when you're looking so fine
Sometimes I feel like I live in a movie
But I don't think about it that much of the time
Track Name: Conspiracy Theories
Some people tell me not to believe
In conspiracy theories
But they're wrong and I'm right
And I would tell you why
But it'd take all night

I believe
I believe
I believe
In conspiracy theories
Track Name: Kill 'em All
You and me
We eat frozen peas
We don't even let them thaw

You and me
We got ticks and fleas
Caught 'em from a rabid dog

You and me
We got brand new jeans
And we got 'em at the mall

You and me
We got enemies
And we gotta kill 'em all
Track Name: Why Do I Even Try
As the days get longer
I can feel the time
Just slippin' away
I thought I wanted you closer
But now I think that I want you
Even farther away

When you called my mother
And told her I'd been wishing
My worries away
I guess I overreacted
Maybe it's just better that
It turned out that way

Why do I even try?
Track Name: Good Night, Toothache
It's been a bad day
I've got a toothache